To Our Valued Customers:

We will be changing to a new pump tube line by the end of the year. Our new pump tubes will be available as early as next week. We will continue to sell our current pump tube line until the inventory is depleted.

As stated above, in our efforts to provide both affordability and quality, Astoria-Pacific will soon be offering a different product line of pump tubes. The new pump tubes will have a new part number and will be offered at a lower price. The spacing between collars, flow rates and color codes will be the same; however, the collars/stops will have a different look and will be a little bigger.

We will be discontinuing our current line of pump tubes, but we will sell them until our inventory is depleted.

If you have any questions, please let us know. The old part numbers and list pricing, as well as the new pump tubes, part numbers and list pricing are listed below:

Old Part No.    Description
303-1010P01    Micropump Tube,37uL/min,Orn/Blu
303-1015P01    Micropump Tube,74uL/min,Orn/Grn
303-1020P01    Micropump Tube,118uL/min,Orn/Yel
303-1025P01    Micropump Tube,166uL/min,Orn/Wht
303-1030P01    Micropump Tube,226uL/min,Blk/Blk
303-1035P01    Micropump Tube,287uL/min,Orn/Orn
303-1040P01    Micropump Tube,385uL/min,Wht/Wht
303-1045P01    Micropump Tube,482uL/min,Red/Red
303-1051P01    Micropump Tube,568uL/min,Gry/Gry
303-1056P01    Micropump Tube,642uL/min,Yel/Yel
303-1060P01    Micropump Tube,722uL/min,Yel/Blu
303-1065P01    Micropump Tube,745uL/min,Blu/Blu
303-1073P01    Micropump Tube,947uL/min,Grn/Grn
303-1081P01    MicropumpTube,1035uL/min,Pur/Pur
303-1090P01    Micropump Tube,1200uL/min,Pur/Blk
303-1100P01    Micropump Tube,Pur/Orn,0.100″ID
303-1110P01    Micropump Tube,Pur/Wht,0.110″ID

New Part No.    Description
178-3748P03    PVC Micropump Tube,Orn/Blu
178-3748P04    PVC Micropump Tube,Orn/Grn
178-3748P05    PVC Micropump Tube,Orn/Yel
178-3748P06    PVC Micropump Tube,Orn/Wht
178-3748P07    PVC Micropump Tube,Blk/Blk
178-3748P08    PVC Micropump Tube,Orn/Orn
178-3748P09    PVC Micropump Tube,Wht/Wht
178-3748P10    PVC Micropump Tube,Red/Red
178-3748P11    PVC Micropump Tube,Gry/Gry
178-3748P12    PVC Micropump Tube,Yel/Yel
178-3748P19    PVC Micropump Tube,Yel/Blu
178-3748P13    PVC Micropump Tube,Blu/Blu
178-3748P14    PVC Micropump Tube,Grn/Grn
178-3748P15    PVC Micropump Tube,Pur/Pur
178-3748P16    PVC Micropump Tube,Pur/Blk
303-1100P01 size is discontinued. Will sell off remaining inventory
178-3748P18    PVC Micropump Tube,Pur/Wht

With the volume of pump tubes being sold, the switch will be rather abrupt; however, we wanted to implement the change prior to the start of the new year.

Happy Holidays!

Kind regards,

Your API guy

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