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United States and Canada


Please let us know if you have any questions about our products and services.
Find the Astoria-Pacific representative for your area below:

Industrial Sales (Environmental, Beer, Wine, Food, etc.)

Contact Brady for any questions about system pricing, and for local representation in your area.

Brady Miller
Sales and Stuff

Tel. 800.536.3111 (Toll Free)
Tel. (2) 503.657.3010
FAX 503.655.7367
email brady@astoria-pacific.com

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Customer Care Representative – Home Office

Please contact our Orders Team for pricing on parts and consumables, and placing orders. For Technical Support and/or questions about Service Contracts, please contact our Service Team, service@astoria-pacific.com

Please contact orders@astoria-pacific.com or service@astoria-pacific.com for Certificates of Analyses, SDSs, software updates, copies of methods, flow diagrams, etc.

Tel. 800.536.3111 (Toll Free)
Tel. (2) 503.657.3010
FAX 503.655.7367
email orders@astoria-pacific.com

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Canadian Distribution:

Selkirk Scientific


Contact: David Lye
Phone (Office) (1) (250) 427-9394
Email: sales@selkirkscientific.ca
Website: selkirkscientific.ca