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Don’t see what you’re looking for … Looking for Pharmaceutical apps? Vitamin analysis in soups or Fortified Flour Extracts? Histamine analysis? Find out other applications available from Astoria-Pacific.


Contact an Astoria-Pacific representative to see what applications will be suitable for your laboratory. We have methods for amoxicillin, tetracycline, total proteins, total phosphorus and others. Also, if applicable, we will work confidentially with your laboratory to adapt your current wet-chemistry methods to our platform.
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With the growing interest in alternative fuels, Astoria-Pacific has anticipated the need for reliable systems for the ethanol production industry. Contact one of our representatives to see what we can do to make sure that your facility is operating at full capacity.
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HPLCs, despite how inexpensive they have gotten over the years, can often be very slow to analyze your samples, especially when you only have a few analytes of interest. Look into the possibilities of automating your water soluble vitamins by micro-Segmented Flow Analysis. Whether your tests are in water, soup, Fortified Flour Extracts, etc., Astoria-Pacific may be able to speed up your analysis rates to 40 – 70 samples per hour.
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Other Industries of Interest

Are you in the Chlor-Alkali, Soft drink, Spirits and Liquor, Milk, Pulp & Paper, Clinical, Chemical Production, “methyl-ethyl chicken fat” development, unobtainium extraction, or some other nutty industry? Please contact an Astoria-Pacific representative to see what we might be able to do for your laboratory.
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