Whether your laboratory is a wastewater treatment plant, a private testing laboratory, a municipality monitoring the quality of drinking water, or other water-testing laboratory, Astoria-Pacific offers the best analyzers for ion/nutrient analysis. For example, we offer the Astoria2 Analyzer, which offers Ammonia via online Gas Diffusion and an alternative to distillation, as shown below:


And the rAPID-T system…

Our analyzers use many methods established by the USEPA and Standard Methods. Depending on a lab’s reporting limits, we offer several different working ranges for each test on the Astoria and Astoria2 Analyzer.

Typical analysis rates are up to 50 – 90 samplers per hour, depending on testing requirements.

The optional 50mm LWCC can improve detection capabilities by 5 – 10X depending on the test.

OrthoPhosphate - 0.05-2ppb

Please contact us for more info on the 50mm Liquid Waveguide Capillary Cell.

Common tests on the Astoria and Astoria2 Analyzers are:

Test Overall Range* EPA Method#
Ammonia 0.001 – 4 mg/L Method 350.1
Chloride 0.05 – 400 mg/L Method 325.2
Cyanide In-Line Dist 0.0005 – 1.00 mg/L Method 335.3
Post Dist Cyanide 0.0005 – 1.00 mg/L Method 335.4
M.O. Alkalinity 2 – 500 mg/L Method 310.2
Nitrate 0.0005 – 5 mg/L Method 353.2
Orthophosphate 0.0005 – 200 mg/L Method 365.1
Phenol 0.002 – 0.5 mg/L Method 420.2
Sulfate 1 – 300 mg/L Method 375.2
Total Dissolved Nitrogen 0.1 – 10 mg/L N/A
T. Kjeldahl Nitrogen 0.05 – 80 mg/L Method 351.2
T. Phosphorus (TK) 0.01 – 40 mg/L Method 365.4
T. Phosphorus (Per) 0.001 – 2 mg/L Method 365.3


*NOTE: Consult with an API representative for the optimal working range for your laboratory.

***Please Contact Us for additional testing methodologies***

Please discuss with one of our representatives about the advantages of alternative methods like Cyanide by in-line Distillation and UV Digestion, Phenol by in-line Distillation, or Total Dissolved Nitrogen by in-line UV Digestion.



rAPID-T System

Want an inexpensive system? Check out a rAPID-T analyzer for Water and Wastewater analysis:

The rAPID-T is inexpensive and reliable. With a photometer, 40-place sample rack, a 10-place reagent tray, and quick analysis rates of up to 100 tests per hour, the rAPID-T makes quick work of many common tests like:

  • Alkalinity
  • Ammonia
  • Chlorine
  • Cyanide (Post Dist.)
  • HexChrome
  • Nitrate (by Enzymatic or Vanadium)
  • Nitrite
  • Phenol (Post Dist.)
  • OPhos
  • Silica
  • TKN
  • Total Nitrogen (Pers. Digest)
  • Total Phosphorus (Pers. Digest)

Please contact us for the rAPID-T’s current methods and applicable ranges.