Micropump Tube, PVC

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Micropump Tube, PVC


  • 302/302A
  • 302D
  • Astoria2 Pump

This is the standard and default micropump tubing used on all Astoria/Astoria2 Analytical Cartridges, unless otherwise stated. It replaces the 303-1XXXP01 brand, which was phased out in 2018. Refer to your Flow Diagram for size requirements. Sizes are listed below:

Description Part Number
PVC Micropump Tube,Orn/Blu 178-3748P03
PVC Micropump Tube,Orn/Grn 178-3748P04
PVC Micropump Tube,Orn/Yel 178-3748P05
PVC Micropump Tube,Orn/Wht 178-3748P06
PVC Micropump Tube,Blk/Blk 178-3748P07
PVC Micropump Tube,Orn/Orn 178-3748P08
PVC Micropump Tube,Wht/Wht 178-3748P09
PVC Micropump Tube,Red/Red 178-3748P10
PVC Micropump Tube,Gry/Gry 178-3748P11
PVC Micropump Tube,Yel/Yel 178-3748P12
PVC Micropump Tube,Blu/Blu 178-3748P13
PVC Micropump Tube,Grn/Grn 178-3748P14
PVC Micropump Tube,Pur/Pur 178-3748P15
PVC Micropump Tube,Pur/Blk 178-3748P16
PVC Micropump Tube,Pur/Wht 178-3748P18
PVC Micropump Tube,Yel/Blu 178-3748P19
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