Micropump Tube, Acid

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Micropump Tube, Acid


  • 302/302A
  • 302D
  • Astoria2 Pump

For analytical cartridges using chemicals incompatible with standard PVC 178-3748PXX micropump tubing. Refer to your Flow Diagram, System Manual, Tubing-Connections Guide and/or Tech Support regarding using this pump tube. Sizes are listed below:

Description Part Number
Micropump Tube,Acid,Blk/Blk 303-6030P01
Micropump Tube,Acid,Orn/Orn 303-6035P01
Micropump Tube,Acid,Wht/Wht 303-6040P01
Micropump Tube,Acid,Red/Red 303-6045P01
Micropump Tube,Acid,Gry/Gry 303-6051P01
Micropump Tube,Acid,Yel/Yel 303-6056P01
Micropump Tube,Acid,Yel/Blu 303-6060P01
Micropump Tube,Acid,Blu/Blu 303-6065P01
Micropump Tube,Acid,Grn/Grn 303-6073P01
Micropump Tube,Acid,Pur/Pur 303-6081P01
Micropump Tube,Acid,Pur/Blk 303-6090P01
Micropump Tube,Acid,Pur/Orn 303-6091P01
Micropump Tube,Acid,Pur/Wht 303-6092P01
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