New rAPID-XT system for Free Sulfite analysis in Wine

Introducing the rAPID-XT by Astoria-Pacific

“Astoria-Pacific offers affordable, reliable and dependable automated analyzers for Wine Analysis. Historically, our core applications for testing have been: Acetic Acid, Glucose+Fructose, L-Malic Acid, Total Sulfite, and NOPA and Ammonia. This year, we are EXCITED to offer a new Free Sulfite module (AstoriaX-FS) that couples with our rAPID-T system–thereby creating an AMAZING platform for Free Sulfite analysis! The rAPID-XT will ELIMINATE the “guess work and unreliability” of current Free Sulfite reagent kits on the market. The rAPID-XT will offer “long sought” parity with your reference lab of choice (myEnologist, Baker Wine Lab, ETS, Vinquiry, etc.). Stop by our virtual booth, and/or zap us an email for more information. Make Wine Analysis DEPENDABLE again!”

–Brady Miller, VP of Sales and Technologies, Astoria-Pacific


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